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(CC) Johnny Blaze
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Hey everyone.  There has been some talk on here expressing some interest in participating in some competitive gaming, aka Clan Wars.


We are going to give it a shot. First thing we have to do is figure out the WolfPack.  The top 6 CC members that will be our go to squad for the clan battles.  We have figured out a way of deciding this. Everyone in CC needs to log onto their Wii and send Johnny Blaze and Rabid Dog their vote for the 6 best players in CC that are going to rep for us. You cannot vote for yourself. The votes are anonymous, only me and rabid dog will see them and the top 5 plus two alternates will be picked from all the votes.  PICK THE SIX PEOPLE THAT WILL DO THEIR BEST TO REPRESENT CC AND BRING HOME THE GOLD.  This is a fair and balanced way of picking our A squad.

What we are going to start doing is having a practice schedule where we work on tactics and build our co operation skills to bring our game to the level to whoop some ass on these game battles. Practice is for everyone, not just the WolfPack, this way everyone brings their game up and if some people can't make the game battles we can rotate any members from the clan into the gamebattle and they will know what's going on. We will be registering on some of the competitive gaming websites soon.

Everyone has a vote, and we need as many people to vote as possible.

Let's do this (CC) for the glory of mother russia! (kidding you fags, but seriously vote for your top 6 on Johnny Blaze AND Rabid Dog!

Peace out homies, and remember to the victor go the spoils.


...and you know this man!

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and take your time and pick the best six and anyone whos profile is hacked they wont let in so we cant vote for them unless they start a new one keep that in mind 



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